It is cheaper than chemical fertilizers.

Deer are good game.

We can't get a break.

Do you want a dinosaur to eat?

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Are you planning to take part in the meeting?

I wish I could've helped Taurus.

Bradford is now married to Ssi.

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The island has a mild climate.

The time will come when you will regret it.

This is how I mastered English.

Why don't you come over?

I'm crazy for you!


Loyd had something else in mind.


Until now, opinions differed over the question of whether birds could sleep while aloft.

I believe he is not a lawyer.

The translation of this sentence is a bad translation.


Our school did away with uniforms last year.

So you've got hair on your chest after all.

Why don't you guys head on home?

Women use perfume because a nose is easier to tempt than an eye.

I like music, especially classical music.

The doctor performed the operation.

It's six o'clock.

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I've been told that you're a very competent person.

She is reliable, polite and knowledgeable.

I'd like to tell her that I love her.

We both know this isn't right.

I'll need a few things.

Paris has a great charm for Japanese girls.

Debi did what had to be done.

Everyone is talking about him.

Just as Brandi was about to speak, the lights went out.


In every period of transition this riff-raff, which exists in every society, rises to the surface, and is not only without any aim but has not even a symptom of an idea, and merely does its utmost to give expression to uneasiness and impatience.

I've never seen you look so scared.

When you talk to others, you're doing it with your arms crossed.

I was rear-ended by a pickup truck.

It is easy to work in jeans.

I hear they have a lot of problems with the tunnels in New Zealand.

Bonnie went for a walk.

I'm so hungry!

You can fuck off for all I care!

I asked him for some advice.

The dollar was devalued against the Japanese currency from 360 yen to 308 yen.

Prices are running wild just now.

I picked up an abandoned dog.


What do you want me to ask them?

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Root's yawning and stretching.

Do you see a queen?

Matthew's doorbell rang.

Don't make fun of me!

Do you have my money?


A large or medium-sized one?

It's not all that great.

Let's be careful what we ask for.

This problem is much bigger than we thought.

Sleep is more pleasant than death. At least, there's not much difference.

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Come help me make the salad.


I'm the one who killed them.

The trend is your friend.

You'll lose everything.

I've never seen her act like that.

How many boys are there in the room?

If you have any interesting books, lend me some.

Idiot! She's not being honest when she says she loves you. Haven't you figured it out yet? She's just a gold digger.

He is a retired man who volunteers to entertain patients in hospitals.

This easy chair is quite comfortable.

I'll never forget my first kiss.

Today I dreamed I was dead.

Have you ever cried because of a woman?

Why is insurance important?

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After a year or two, it came to pass that the King's son rode through the forest and went by the tower. Then he heard a song, which was so charming that he stood still and listened. This was Rapunzel, who in her solitude passed her time in letting her sweet voice resound.

It really happened, didn't it?

I met a boy, who showed me the way to this hall.

My father is getting along very well.

You know almost everything about me.

Troy isn't dead.

See with your ears.


Andreas lacks discipline.

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Adding comments makes the code easier to read.

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I just need Bjorne for a minute.

For several months after the robbery the thieves kept a low profile.

You're in awfully good spirits today, aren't you? Did something good happen?

We hope that this new product satisfies your clientele.

Did you just see that?


"She's a unique person." - "Every person is unique."


Won't you sit on my knee?


Will you go by train?

Slartibartfast avoided places where people smoked.

I can't find anything wrong with Timo.

He was too tired to walk any farther.

Once upon a time there were a poor man and a rich woman.

I think Martha is looking for us.

Unfortunately, I have no proof for my suspicion.

Leave them as they are or not at all.

Wearing glasses makes you look more intellectual.


I don't care who Ed is talking to.


You will obtain your greatest desire.

That was what Kory said he wanted to do.

I don't have a large number of close friends, but I do know there are a lot of good people, near and far, who I can count on, who care about me, and who want only the best for me.


You look exhausted, mate. I think you need to take a break from writing.


We will first ascertain the cause of the disaster.


Did you read the sign correctly?

I felt good tonight.

Peas and carrots are common ingredients in soups.

I sympathize with my friend who says that she's only an immigrant trying to protect the English language from its native speakers.

We haven't had much luck lately.

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She absolutely doesn't need to know why I did it.

No thanks, I'm pregnant.

You need more experience for this job.

Sam found Marlena.

Gideon is worried about what might happen.

Why did you text me last night?

Marco is shorter than Mario.

Have you already had lunch?

Generally speaking, the weather was mild last year.


He took it in his stride.

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Micky and Mohammad no longer see eye to eye.

Why are you calling him?

There's a tendency to conflate proposing a solution with actually solving the problem. I think it's important to differentiate between the two.

I'll go and see him myself.

I just met him.

It's a scalp disease.

What are we having for dinner?

I like baseball. What sport do you like?

Why can't you be more like me?

We saw him do it.

My father is paying back a huge loan on our home.

I just said something very stupid.

The situation, I am sure, will be improved.

The moon and stars were shining above us.

I'll drive myself.

Delete this comment.

Vladislav used to be a used car salesman.


Field hockey is not very popular in China.


A DNA test proved his innocence.

What a nice house!

We must go to school.


No better, no worse, just different.


I can't live without her.

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Our conversation was interrupted by his sneezes.


Your thirty minutes are almost up.

Everything's very cheap.

It's the first time I miss Taninna so much!

The moon was full yesterday.

I didn't write this sentence.


My shirt was ruined.

Gilles asked me how tall I was.

It's too soon for that.


I think that it's possible.

Everything's just like it used to be.

I want you to stand guard.


Marshall is your heir.

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You're not telling the truth.

If Jason should call me, tell him I'm not at home.

This should be easy.

We are traveling on a tight budget.

I got accustomed to living alone.

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Ravindran couldn't stand being alone with Harry.

Wait in the waiting room.

Please tell me where I should change trains.


Let them do the dirty work.